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Adults enter the covenant of Abraham with a bris milah, or ritual circumcision.
The Exodus from Egypt
It is a night of anticipation for the L-rd, to take them out of the land of Egypt; this night is the L-rd's, guarding all the children of Israel throughout their generations. (Exodus 12:42) The anonymous figures in the painting are on a journey—the night ...
Artist’s Statement: This piece is a Hamsa-shaped depiction of the book of Jonah, in which the prophet Jonah tries to flee G‑d’s command and is swallowed by a whale.
I never painted a swastika in my life. But I needed to paint this picture. Many of you may have already seen the original photograph this painting is based on. It was taken in Germany, 1932. Rachel Posner snapped a photograph of her family’s menorah set u...
Artist’s Statement: Jewish wedding painted after seeing a quote from Hitler, “Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized.”
By Devorah Weinberg
Artist's Statement: This painting was based on a photograph taken in the Warsaw Ghetto. I was very touched by the subject's passion and ecstasy juxtaposed with the surrounding poverty. The painting represents the love and strong connection to Judaism that...
At Mount Sinai, G-d revealed himself to the people of Israel with the first commandment: I am the L-rd, Your G-d, Who took you out of the land of Egypt.
My rendition of the Splitting of the Sea, where the Jewish people achieved faith in G-d and Moses.
This painting is inspired by the cosmic event of Matan Torah (the Giving of the Torah) where heaven and earth meet. I used acrylic paint on wood to produce this piece. The light colors used in the background illustrate the calm that G-d provides us with w...
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