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It becomes apparent that the demise of the world economy has finally come to pass. Hundreds of thousands would be laid off, as huge corporations would be forced to declare bankruptcy... Until five minutes later...
How can I fathom G‑d's pain, when He is the cause of our remaining in this bitter exile? Should I feel sorry for someone who in the process of hurting or punishing others gets hurt himself?
Perhaps the biggest question this tragic story raises is about Jaycee herself: Why didn't she run away?
Somehow the anonymity of a diverse group of strangers coming together from far and near, opens the channels of communication, awakens sleeping hearts and forges new bonds. Personal life stories begin flowing freely just as the choice wines at each meal...
With their extremely detailed brains, people with ADD are often plagued by an unattainable pursuit of perfection, which in turn, prevents them from completing almost-finished tasks, in a vicious cycle of running off to the next thing and then the next…
As I gaze at them, I wonder about their perceptions of their home: Do our fish realize that this twenty gallon tank is just a tiny miniature replica of their authentic home, in some faraway lake or sea?
There will be no escape. You will be cruising at 40,000 feet and IMing your spouse, texting your secretary, and shooting off emails to your stockbroker—all while keeping track of your favorite team's score.
With the aid of a 3D molecular printer, Ari may have replicated the original Chanukah miracle. Or has he? Just how paradoxical is this miracle?
"After witnessing such a story," concluded the Holocaust survivor, "I could not bring myself to put on tefillin again."
"Live and let live!" "It's not your place to mix in!" Are these tolerant voices of acceptance or words cloaking our apathy in our age of impersonalization?
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