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Kids from the heavily industrialized city of Donetsk, Ukraine, enjoyed a break from the smog at a Chabad-Lubavitch camp outside of the city.
Four-week online course with Michael Chighel, Ph.D., begins on Monday, June 11
Jewish history can be viewed as a string of miracles, massacres and movements, or it can be seen as a meaningful and significant story, in which each of us plays an important, ongoing role. But finding the meaningful threads and sewing them together into ...
Israel-focused charity cited for its professionalism and effectiveness
Rabbi Yossi Lew accompanied the Atlanta delegation of this year’s March of the Living, a tour of Jewish communities and concentration camps in Poland, followed by a week in Israel, for high school students.
Soviet-Era Survivor Educated Her Family in Freedom
Chana Schapiro, a lifelong Chabad-Lubavitch Chasid known for her devotion to her children's education, passed away yesterday in Brooklyn, N.Y. She was 94.
Velvel Averbuch, now 84, was 14 when Soviet policemen discovered a secret Chasidic gathering he participated in with classmates of an underground Jewish school. Today, he lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Rabbi Elezer Nanas, who worked for the Lubavitch underground yeshiva network in the Soviet Union and spent years helping Jerusalem’s youth before his death in 1997, was posthumously honored this week at a ceremony renaming a Jerusalem street after him.
A reburial of 150 women and children brought some measure of closure to the Jewish community in Kharkov, Ukraine.
The Rebbe said, “Since I am not in the Senate you will be my representative and speak in my place, and you will try to help the Jews in Russia.”
Bratislava city center procession and bar mitzvah mark a community’s coming of age
A new Torah scroll is in place in Slovakia, the first to be completed in the Central European country since the Nazis murdered most of its Jewish population during World War II, while one proud Jewish boy will live to tell the tale of having celebrated hi...
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