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"Tell us a story, Grandpa!" begged the children. "Tell us a story about a prince..."
A mystical interpretation of the law of the "beautiful captive"
Her photo stares at me dreamy and melancholic Like golden October leaves against a sunny blue sky. She bends gently her oval head towards her right shoulder That carries the anguished burden of the world.
I had the dream again. I’m running child clutched to my chest holding in arms and legs to avoid the bullets that may come. Hoping this body is thick enough to protect him one last time. Footfalls of the soldiers so much faster than mine are close now. I s...
Trudging through ghetto street hollow stomach, heavy feet words telling, ‘you have to move’ searching for a scrap of food
Over this one thing I implore You: That my cup of gratitude With a tear is laced
I watched my aunt. She saw me staring. The etchings on the soft underside of her forearm were as black as the dye she raised to her head. When she moved her arm, the symbols moved with her.
How shall I dance before my younger sister? How shall I dance
A Personal Odyssey
Enslaved, Caged, Imprisoned, A people bound to their G-d, Frightened, anxious, laboring oppression Beaten, diminished, dehumanized, degraded; Daring diversity, dis-similar from the lot…
When you heard all their lies, did you think it was true? Or that that which they threatened they’d never see through? Were you idle and mute as the cruelty grew?
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