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On Shavuot, we received the Ten Commandments—the marriage between G‑d and His people. Like the “jealous husband,” He warned us: “Don’t have other gods before Me.”
When everyone else hesitated, he jumped into the swirling sea.
It's not as if the princes were struggling financially; they could have easily doubled their donation. Surely one could expect a higher standard of magnanimity from the princes of Israel!
Many dot-com entrepreneurs are already onto their third or fourth start-up, and most Noble Prize-winning physicists and mathematicians have completed their best work by then. But the Levites actualy began their career at age 30
We should know that it is never too late to begin, and if we make the effort, there is no level we can’t reach.
This week’s Torah reading concludes the census of the tribe of Levi. When taking a census, everyone - those on the highest spiritual rungs and those on the lowest levels - count equally. No one is given greater priority than anyone else. This is true, not...
Whether as a kohen blessing the congregation, or any person studying Torah, or indeed carrying out any mitzvah, G‑d responds, at every moment of life...
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