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Ratzo V'Shov

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Ratzo V'Shov: (Chassidic term; lit. “run and return”) ratzo is a state of longing to cleave to G-d; the passionate desire of the soul to transcend its material existence, to “run forward” and cleave to its Source; shov is the soul’s sober determination to “return” and fulfill its mission in the body, the resolve to live within the context of material reality, based on the awareness that this is G-d’s ultimate intent
Where does your soul want to be? (Ch. 50)
Our soul didn't want to come down to this world. Then, it doesn't want to leave. So what do you want? Also, discover the connection between singing and out-of-body experiences.
A Journey Through Tanya, Lesson 9
Next the Tanya presents various meditations to produce different types of love to G-d. From the reflective reciprocal love to the ‘golden’ submissive love. Finally, we highlight the ultimate purpose in expressing G-d’s presence in this low world. (coverin...
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