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Mitzvah; Mitzvot

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Mitzvah; Mitzvot: (lit. “commandment”); one of the Torah’s 613 Divine commandments; a good deed or religious precept; according to Chassidut, the word mitzvah stems from the root tzavta, attachment, the mitzvah creating a bond between G-d who commands and man who performs.
A 40-year historical timeline of the Rebbe’s Tefillin Campaign.
After a season for the history books that saw the underdog New York Giants claim victory in Super Bowl XLII, mega-fan Jay Greenfield -- who attributes his favorite team's success to his newfound desire to put on tefillin -- inaugurated a brand new Tefilli...
This painting features a father teaching his son about the Shema prayer and the mitzvah of having a mezuzah on the doorposts of the house. One can sense the child's curiosity as he learns to touch the mezuzah, kiss his fingers, and remember the words of t...
This act of putting the mezuzah on a door post is a way of saying to the world: "We Live Here". Usually, mezuzot are seen as lovely, charming little things. I wanted to show that hammering in a mezuzah could be a statement of strength and determination.
Artist’s Statement: The Jewish name Chana is an acronym for the three mitzvot of a woman: challah, niddah (family purity) and hadlakat neirot (lighting Shabbat candles).
Artist’s Statement: "Dirshu Hashem v'uzo, bakshu panav tamid" – “Search for G-d and His strength, seek His presence always.” This verse from Psalms guides us in our approach to establishing an eternal connection. The colors of tzitzit (white) and tcheilet...
By Rivka Nehorai
Artist's Statement: For this piece, my mind looks to the poetic words of my husband, the Pop Chassid, Elad Nehorai, to elevate it (and us) to another realm: "With those simple black straps and boxes, it reminded them that no matter how insane the world cl...
Thousands of people stopped by a series of booths operated by Chabad-Lubavitch centers in Illinois after the Jewish Federation of Municipal Chicago’s recent Walk With Israel event. Both the 6K walk and the kid-friendly Family Walk culminated in an indoor ...
Teens chill over smoothies and sushi, and discuss Judaism with Chabad-Lubavitch of Tri-Valley, Calif.
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