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Shloshim: (lit. thirty) The thirty-day mourning period following the funeral of a deceased next of kin.
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The shivah and other mourning observances
I. Phases of Mourning There are five stages to the mourning process: 1) Aninut, pre-burial mourning. 2-3) Shivah, a seven day period following the burial; within the Shivah, the first three days are characterized by a more intense degree of mourning. 4) S...
Between Shiva and Shloshim... The Mourning Observances of the Sheloshim Period... The Thirtieth Day... When the Shloshim is Interrupted by a Festival...
Laws and Observances of the 30-Day Sheloshim Mourning Period... How the Sheloshim is Calculated... Haircutting... New Clothes... Attending Parties... Getting Married... Shiva and Sheloshim during Purim and Chanukah...
Question: Why do we mourn our parents for a full year and just one month for all other relatives? Response: Jewish law mandates the one-month mourning period (called sheloshim), after which a person is not obligated to continue any official mourning pract...
בלתי מוגה
בס"ד. שיחת יו"ד אדר סיום ה"שלושים", ה'שי"ת. – באסיפת אנ"ש שיחיו – בלתי מוגה רופאו של הרבי אמר שאין לו תפיסת מקום בתור רופא בשעה שמדובר אודות הרבי. בתור רופא אינו יכול להבין את חייו הגשמיים של הרבי. האמת היא שחייו של הרבי הם חיים רוחניים – "חיי הצדיק אינם ...
Laws of mourning on Shabbat and on a festival - Laws of festivals that cancel shivah and shloshim
Memorial Tribute: Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz o.b.m.
Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz was the esteemed regional director of Lubavitch-Chabad of Illinois. Join family, friends and the greater Jewish community of Chicago in marking the shloshim, the thirtieth day from passing.
A memorial evening marking the 30th day from passing
Tribute to R’ Mordechai Berger, of blessed memory
In Ottawa, Canada, community leaders, dignitaries, family and friends join to pay tribute to Rabbi Mordechai Berger of blessed memory. Keynote speaker: Rabbi Yossi Jacobson. Program includes completing the Mishnah, starting the writing of a new Torah Scro...
How did a boy who never spoke a single word bring about such powerful feelings and emotions, and are we capable of translating these emotions into a significant legacy?
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