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Shloshim: (lit. thirty) The thirty-day mourning period following the funeral of a deceased next of kin.
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The laws of mourning are incumbent upon seven first-degree relatives of the deceased.
Between Shiva and Shloshim... The Mourning Observances of the Sheloshim Period... The Thirtieth Day... When the Shloshim is Interrupted by a Festival...
Laws and Observances of the 30-Day Sheloshim Mourning Period... How the Sheloshim is Calculated... Haircutting... New Clothes... Attending Parties... Getting Married... Shiva and Sheloshim during Purim and Chanukah...
Question: Why do we mourn our parents for a full year and just one month for all other relatives? Response: Jewish law mandates the one-month mourning period (called sheloshim), after which a person is not obligated to continue any official mourning pract...
בלתי מוגה
חייו הרוחניים של הרבי מנקודת מבט של רופא * ההתקשרות אל הרבי בתקפה גם עתה
Laws of mourning on Shabbat and on a festival - Laws of festivals that cancel shivah and shloshim
Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz was the esteemed regional director of Lubavitch-Chabad of Illinois. Join family, friends and the greater Jewish community of Chicago in marking the shloshim, the thirtieth day from passing.
A memorial evening marking the 30th day from passing
In Ottawa, Canada, community leaders, dignitaries, family and friends join to pay tribute to Rabbi Mordechai Berger of blessed memory. Keynote speaker: Rabbi Yossi Jacobson. Program includes completing the Mishnah, starting the writing of a new Torah Scro...
How did a boy who never spoke a single word bring about such powerful feelings and emotions, and are we capable of translating these emotions into a significant legacy?
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