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Music; Song

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The Musical Instruments of the Bible
A musical historian provides a "show-and-tell" of various types of musical instruments mentioned in the Bible.
A study on the importance of melody in the Chasidic tradition.
The harp of King David had 7 strings, yet the harp of Moshiach will have eight.
Michael Tabor is an educator and musician. In 1970, as a student at the London School of Economics, he had an audience with the Rebbe. After a conversation with the Rebbe about music and the arts, he learned an important lesson that has remained with him ...
Torah is referred to as a beautiful song and melody.
A number of Jewish singers and an orchestra conductor receive the Rebbe’s blessings.
Wisdom at the Western Wall
A musical meditation on what the world will be like in the times of Moshiach when everyday will be a day of Sabbath-like rest.
Avraham Fried, world-acclaimed Jewish singer, shares his experiences in touching countless of lives across the globe in his performances.
When Shmuel Katan came to spend Simchas Torah with the Rebbe, he didn’t expect to becomethe center of attention. But hearing of his musical talent, chasidim urged him to play his violin while the Rebbe distributed wine after the conclusion of the festival...
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