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Music; Song

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“If Judaism will be celebrated rather than commemorated,” sang Moses, “and allowed to work its music over you and your families, you will not be able to help but dance to its tune.”
Why is Moses singing on the last day of his life?
Drawling cowboys, squeaking doors, crazy monologues greet you from the Bresler's answering machine. Don't hang up, you've reached the right number...
My Journey as a Rock Star
"I'm going to be a rock star!" I knew this was my life's mission, and so, at the age of fifteen I embarked on my journey, never looking back...
Despite his age (late adolescence being a time of presumed invincibility) and his size (he was a big guy), my brother began to become fearful. Dusk was rapidly approaching...
Dudu Fisher: From Broadway to Holy Days
"My first big Broadway act," Dudu Fisher recalls, "was my refusal to work on Shabbat. No Friday night show; no Saturday matinee. No one did it before, to my knowledge, and I honestly don't know if I'd be tough enough to do it again..."
I like to believe that there is a song to the universe. That beyond the daily hustle and bustle, there is a tune to which life is playing, and that our task is to learn the rhythm of the Divine plan and fall into step with it.
Question: I used to go to a temple where they would play musical instruments during the Friday night prayer service. I’ve since joined an Orthodox congregation, but I think that listening to music and song while connecting to G‑d is the one thing I long f...
Rappers Who Found their Soul through their Music
People get to wake up to music that tells them, "It's a beautiful world; open up your eyes, see the sun shining. There's a real reason why you're born.You have a mission. And your mission is sacred."
Revealing How Song is the Quill of the Soul
Shaina Ettel is no stranger to a world where talents are used competitively. Starting out as a little girl with a remarkably clear and precise voice, she has been singing for audiences since she was three years old...
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