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Al Hamichyah

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Zimun (3)
The blessings recited after foods other than bread, including cooked or baked foods, the special fruits of Israel and other fruits, and vegetables and drinks.
Some things are so very astounding that the casually passing mind refuses to notice the wonder.
An "abridged" version of Grace After Meals that incorporates elements from its first three blessings is said after eating certain foods. There are three versions of this abridged after blessing: "Al Hamichyah" is said after eating foods (not bread) prepar...
A collection of scenes through the years where the Rebbe reminds chasidim to recite the afterblessing.
At the conclusion of every farbrengen, the Rebbe would remind those present that whoever is obligated to recite an after-blessing, should make sure to do so.
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