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Ishmael ben Elisha, Rabbi

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Ishmael ben Elisha, Rabbi: (d. c. 140) Mishnaic sage, pupil of Rabbi Nechunia ben Hakaneh. As a child, he was rescued from Roman captors by Rabbi Joshua ben Gamla and brought to Judea, where he excelled in Torah learning. He is famous for his enumeration of the thirteen principles of halachah hermeneutics. He authored the Halachic Midrash, the Mechilta. He is one of the Ten Martyrs brutally killed by the Romans
One of the Tannaim (the great Sages of the Mishnah), was Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha, who lived some fifty years after the Destruction of the Second Beth Hamikdosh. He lived at the time of Rabbi Akiva, and like him, he was one of the Ten Martyrs who were cru...
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty-Five, Section 2a
All tzadikim are angelic; still, some are more.
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty-Five, Section 1
All the worlds are connected; the lower one serves as a throne for the higher one.
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty-Four, Section 5c
The ten martyrs were the ten seed-drops that left Joseph.
Ethics 2:2
Heaven or earth? The kollel or the kibbutz? We Jews have been debating the issue for as long as we have been a people
Two sages of the Talmud debate whether the Jews actually saw heavenly thunder at the giving of the Torah.
Was the medium the real message of the Ten Commandments?
What was the real point of the Ten Commandments—what was said, or how?
Ten great sages were brutally tortured and executed by the Romans.
Ethics 2:4
Without even realizing it, he moved his hand to tilt the lamp! Suddenly he stopped himself in mid-air. “What am I doing?” he exclaimed...
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