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Tosafists: Tosafists were medieval rabbis who wrote explanatory notes on the Talmud. Their commentaries are traditionally printed together with the text of the Talmud and are collectively called Tosafot ("supplements").
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Tosafot (1)
The Jews in Exile
This class covers the lives of several important Ashkenazic scholars of the medieval period (“Rishonim”), including Rashi and the authors of Tosafos.
When is a law applied across the board? And when would we differentiate? A dispute between Rabbi Moses of London and Rabbi Berachiah of Oxford.
The life and times of Rabbi Moses of London
Henry III of England interferes in a complex divorce case. The story of an illustrious Jewish family living in England prior to the expulsion of 1290.
Interpreting "Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin" in Lighting the Chanukah Menorah
The school of Hillel says that the very best way (mehardin min hamehadrin) of lighting the menorah is to add one more candle each night. The Talmud gives two reasons for this approach: a) because of the dictum that we increase in matters of holiness and b...
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