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Artist’s rendition of the fifth day of creation: fish and fowl
By Sarah Chaya Elisha
Artist’s Statement: G‑d’s creation, the world and its inhabitants, can be likened to a light bulb. Just as a light bulb requires a constant flow of electricity to remain lit, every creation needs a direct flow of energy from G‑d in order to simply be. Thr...
Artist’s Statement: In my painting, the top word reads, “bereishit,” - “In the beginning.” It is the very first word in the Torah. The first three letters spell “bara” – “created.” The first and last two letters spell “bayit” – “home.” And the second, thi...
By Natalia Kadish
Artist’s Statement: The mandate of the whole of creation is stated almost immediately: They translate it as “Let there be light.” But instead, read, “It should become light.” Meaning, the entire world—even the darkness—should become a source of light and ...
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