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The Creation, The first day, The second day, Third the day, The Fourth Day, The Fifth Day, The Sixth Day, The Seventh Day
Rabbinic enactments take us beyond the strict letter of the law, reflecting the deep, innate Jewish desire to cleave to God's ways.
Creation. Adam and his mission. From Adam to Noah. The flood and it's ramifications. Important Dates.
“I have only been created to serve my Master.”(Ethics of the Fathers) There was once a newspaper advertisement filled with the words “left right, left right” repeated over and over. At the foot of the page, in bold letters was the question, “But where are...
Reflections on the theology of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe
This extraordinary book explores the drama of creation, the fusion of holiness inside the mundane, the spiritual role and function of Mitzvot, the afterlife, and much more.
“Today the World was Born” Rosh HaShanah recalls the creation of the world, as we see from the prayer, Mussaf service of Rosh HaShanah, based on Rosh HaShanah 27a. “Today the world was born.” According to our Sages, Vayikra Rabbah 29:1; also Pirkei deRabb...
The Core of Creation
In Hebrew man has four distinct names: adam, ish, enosh, and gever. Each of these terms describes a special virtue of man, and a failing. Adam refers to a man of wisdom and understanding; ish is descriptive of moral, emotive attributes; [Tr. Expl. Notes o...
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