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Mayim Bialik Shares
I have written about the accident cursorily and somewhat lightly...but my religious identity has pursued me—or I it—throughout this ordeal, and I have a desire to write about some of the more complex aspects of the accident and recovery as an observant Je...
Absentmindedly, I tore a leaf off a passing tree. Holding it a while in my hands, I continued my thoughtful pacing, occasionally tearing small pieces of leaf and casting them to the winds.
“For five thousand, six hundred and sixty-one years, nine months, thirteen days, fifteen hours and so many minutes,” said Father, “this particular piece of land has waited for Peretz and Mendel. It has waited for Peretz and Mendel to come and sit on it to...
As the world’s first AI becomes active, it begins to ponder existence. In a world asking whether there is G-d, this AI asks a different question: is there Man?
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