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What Happens on Rosh Hashanah
Imagine Bugs Bunny walking in to a Warners Brothers corporate meeting. "Hi docs! I'm here to plead my case. I make children laugh, adults chuckle…" They: "But we're sitting here now deciding whether or not Bugs Bunny is going to exist!"
Infinity Labs unveils The Otifier launching a whole new series to explore the mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet--along with some real practical lessons.
The Unique Role of the Human Being
How we serve as G-d's partners by using the physical world around us to serve a higher purpose.
Creation Without Cause
The immediate implication of true creation is that nothing “must be.”
In Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz's book, Pour Your Heart into It, he writes that "the best way to build a brand is one person at a time—starting with your staff."
I’ve often heard the argument that because creation is so well designed, there must be a Designer. But using that the same logic, I can ask the question: Who created G‑d?
Someone who thinks he's G-d -- on a New York City subway (where else?)
Adam wasn't supposed to eat from that tree. Cain and Abel were supposed to talk things out. Everyone was supposed to get along. That was Plan A
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