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Date Palm

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We find that the Twelfth Step's call for service – that we "carry this message to other alcoholics" – is not just a way of paying back to the program, it is crucial to our own sobriety.
“A righteous person will flourish like a date-palm, grow tall like a cedar in Lebanon.” (Psalms 92:13) There are two types of tzadikim (righteous people), and both are perfectly righteous. The difference between them is as follows: One is in a continuous ...
The sweetest fruits of life take the longest to mature.
Beer-Sheba was like a garden in the desert. All around it, as far as the eye could see, there were barren hills or sandy wastes. No wonder the green, tall palm trees of Beer-Sheba were a welcome sight to all the wayfarers. They knew that in Beer-Sheba the...
Under Canaanite Oppression, Deborah, Barak Responds, The Song of Deborah
Seven areas of our lives represented by the "Seven Kinds": our humanity (wheat), passion (barley), joy (grapes), intimacy (figs), action (pomegranates), struggle (olives) and tranquility (dates)
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