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Arvut: "Guarantorship"; The responsibility shared by every Jew to ensure that all his/her fellow Jews observe the mitzvot.
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Parshat Bechukotai
All Jewish souls constitute one entity. Our nation is likened to a large body, each soul emanating from one of its 248 limbs. From this stems our mutual responsibility for one another—because we truly are one.
Every individual possesses some unique advantage over every other. Each member of the nation has some positive quality that is unique to him or her. Every individual is uniquely needed and indispensable.
When Jews are united as one body, a Jew in a free land can provide life to a Jew living under oppression
This letter was addressed to a philanthropist whose identity has been withheld. B”H, the fourth candle of Chanukah, 5703 Greetings and blessings, By now, you have certainly received your membership card for the Society for Studying Mishnayos by Heart. The...
How to give or receive constructive criticism.
The Laws of Shabbat
Learn the laws and customs to properly perform the mitzvah of Kiddush on Shabbat, for example covering the challah before Kiddush, the meal that must immediately follow kiddush, and reciting kiddush again for others.
On the Germanwings pilot’s suicide
The Germanwings crash over the Alps–which now seems to be all but confirmed as suicide–is one of the most disturbing air incidents yet. We’ve all heard about terror attacks, hijackings, malfunctioning aircraft and planes even downed by missiles. But this?...
Judaism is about unity: the unity of the one G-d, the universe and the unity of all people created in the image of G-d. And yet, Judaism established a commonwealth, giving the ordinary man an irrevocable right to his own property.
Among the most searing curses ever to have been uttered, the sages found a fleck of pure gold.
Ants are amazing little creatures that get into picnic lunches and sometimes also into our kitchens and bathrooms. Wherever they appear, they are busily running around foraging for whatever they may find to eat and carry home. These are the "worker" ants....
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