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Ashrei (14)
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 17
The primary focus of the Ashrei prayer is the verse in which we acknowledge and request that G-d provide sustenance to all living beings. In this lesson we peel away at the layers of meaning in the central theme of Ashrei.
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 16
The popular Ashrei prayer is arranged according to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In this lesson we proceed to uncover the deeper meaning of the verses.
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 15
The famous prayer called Ashrei is the central psalm in the section of Pesukei D’Zimrah (verses of praise). Learn the significance of this special prayer.
יהל אור / תערב יהל אור / תרעג בגמרא פ״ק דברכות ד״ד ע״ב כל האומר תהלה לדוד ג׳ פעמים בכל יום מובטח לו שהוא בן העוה״ב ופרש״י ג׳ פעמים כנגד ג׳ תפלות, וקשה דאנו אומרים הג׳ פעמים אשרי בשחרית ובמנחה, ולא בערבית כלל וז״ל תשו׳ הריב״ש סי׳ ק״מ וז״ל שהאומר תהלה לדוד ...
Insights into Ashrei - Part 4
G-d enables the pious to have the emotionally powerful experience that they seek. (Based on Psalms 145:13-17)
Insights into Ashrei - Part 3
The pious one seeks out G-d in a way that can be felt in his day-to-day life. (Based on Psalms 145:11-12)
Insights into Ashrei - Part 2
The difference between seeing G-d's involvement in our lives as opposed to believing in his loftier qualities. (Based on Psalms 145:3-10)
Insights into Ashrei - Part 1
The six days of creation as six distinct ways of relating to G-d. Based on the verse (Psalms 145:2) "Everyday I will bless You, and I will extol Your name forever."
Question: Why do some people open their hands during the Ashrei prayer? Answer: According to the Talmud Berachot 4b., this prayer is recited three times every day partly because it contains the verse “You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every liv...
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