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Kohen's Purity

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Parshat Emor
A Kohen may not come in contact with a human corpse. Find out why, how, the exceptions to this rule, and the areas a Kohen should avoid.
Moshe Question: I heard that Kohanim (priests) are not permitted to attend the internment of a loved one. Is this true and why? Answer: I hope your question is only an academic exercise. If not, please accept my condolences on your loss. May G‑d comfort y...
A Kohen's heightened level of holiness, as well as his leadership role, places limits on the women he may marry.
The Talmud relates the following conversation between "a heretic" and the sage Rabbi Avahu: "Your G-d is a Kohen," said the heretic. "So in what did He immerse Himself after He buried Moses?" Replied Rabbi Avahu: "He immersed in fire." An examination of t...
Throughout the centuries, Jews identified themselves as kohanim simply because their fathers were kohanim. But are these tribal affiliations just a matter of folklore and tradition? Can such claims actually be proven?
The laws of defilement of a kohen - On which relatives and children one mourns
Question: Our dentist has advised us that our daughter needs a dental implant -- a small titanium rod screwed into her jawbone upon which a fabricated tooth will later be attached. The socket of her missing tooth does not have enough bone for such an impl...
Question: Positive Mitzvah 107 states: Impurity of coming in contact with a dead body -- Numbers 19:11: "He that touches the dead body of any man shall be unclean." How do the people who handle the bodies of the dead and see to it that they are buried pro...
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