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Self Esteem; Self Confidence

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Be small, accomplish big things, enjoy life.
A healthy self-esteem should give us the confidence to make our own independent choices to be a unique and original being. It should. But it hasn't.
Terror seized Sharon's heart as she imagined the damage that the bar could do if it accidentally connected with another child's head, perhaps even the swinger's own head. Sharon quickly called out to the mothers surrounding her...
Research shows that 80% of children enter first grade with a sense of self-worth, and twelve years later, 80% leave high school feeling defective and inferior. The Victory Technique is the only way to "immunize" our children...
Many of us have internalized an inner voice that constantly criticizes us with its self-defeating messages about how we just don't measure up...
What is motivating these people to be so utterly insensitive to the destruction they are wreaking? And why are they turning the gun on themselves? As a society, where have we gone wrong?
Ever wonder why, of all the many Jewish holidays, the one that is most observed by the vast majority of Jews is Passover and the Passover Seder.
My thoughts on baseball's free agency
We can debate all day who the best second baseman is; what is objectively verifiable is who the highest paid player is. The math is very simple: I make more than you, hence I am more valuable than you!
Ready for a quiz? I selected a few quotes from recent campaign speeches by the two presidential candidates. Can you guess who said what?
My son confirmed the merits of our fastidious labelling system, and how it prevented his clothes from getting lost in the notorious clothes-eating camp laundromat. And I began to consider the benefits of labels. Not only on clothes. But for people, too...
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