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Self Esteem; Self Confidence

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Learning to Love Myself
I tapped into a part of myself that’s generally under wraps. Mummified, really. This part of me, in case you’re wondering, is my integrity. My authenticity. Not that I’ve been living a lie, but I haven’t been so honest with the world, not even with myself...
Reflecting on the Good Within Us and Each Other
We were given two eyes for two very different purposes; our left eye, to look at ourselves critically, and our right to look at others with kindness...
If I could be given any gift to help me in my job as a teacher, I know exactly what I would ask for. I haven't ever seen one, but I know that I need it: a special kind of mirror that I can hold up for my students to gaze into, and instead of seeing themse...
Who Are You?
Initially, the king and queen thought he was kidding. However, when the prince began to spend his days and nights in the chicken coop, his parents knew that serious trouble was afoot...
The death of a thousand cuts would have been preferable. I briefly considered crawling, until I realized that everyone would be able to see me anyway.
She screamed at me for minutes on end, as I sat there, unable to get a word in, feeling terribly guilty and ashamed for the missed appointment and having wasted her time.
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