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Self Esteem; Self Confidence

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Be small, accomplish big things, enjoy life.
A healthy self-esteem should give us the confidence to make our own independent choices to be a unique and original being. It should. But it hasn't.
Seeing the World Through the Child’s Eyes
Good self-esteem and a balanced perception of self are critical for healthy living.
This might sound stupid, but I feel like there is nothing that I am good at. I have friends that are great writers, or singers or cooks, yet I can't think of anything that I can do that is unique...
The pressure of dieting and physical appearance is something that my eight-year-old daughter is already aware of! Occasionally she will pat her round little belly and ask me if I think that she is fat. She is a little chubbier than some of her friends, bu...
I have been duly chiding myself, ever-reminding myself that my accomplishments are only possible by G‑d’s good grace, and, if so, why should I feel any more accomplished than the guy next door?
Yes, you have battle scars, but they are proof of your strength, wisdom and courage...
It can be sobering to periodically take stock of my goals and see how much I have actually done. While such self-appraisal is a noble and effective aspect of any plan, unfortunately, it can also easily lead to regrets and recriminations, which in turn can...
Learning to Love Myself
I tapped into a part of myself that’s generally under wraps. Mummified, really. This part of me, in case you’re wondering, is my integrity. My authenticity. Not that I’ve been living a lie, but I haven’t been so honest with the world, not even with myself...
Somehow, very early on along the way, eating became mechanical, emotional, social, comforting, and generally filled with mindlessness . . .
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