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Galut (Exile): exile; diaspora.
To date, I never dreamt that sheaves of wheat bowed to me. I have also never dreamt about bulimic bovines or anorexic agriculture. Then again, I am not the biblical Joseph or Pharaoh, the king of Egypt...
In every travail (Joseph) there is a challenge (Menasseh) and an opportunity (Ephraim)
Whither all these dreams?
Why are there so many dreams in the book of Genesis?
A commentary on the haftarah of Shabbat Chanukah
The haftarah, beginning from Zechariah 2:14, is often read twice during the year: Once the (first) Shabbat of Chanukah, and again on the week of Baahalotecha. The obvious reason for reading this haftarah is because it speaks of a golden menorah and the Hi...
Don’t run away from the dream, don’t look for some other meaning. If the cosmic slumber of galut presents you with the paradox of the fat cow and the lean cow grazing together, make the dream the solution. Even Pharaoh recognizes good advice when he sees ...
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