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Shavuot: (lit. “weeks”) The one-day holiday (two in the Diaspora) commemorating the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. This late-spring holiday commences on the fiftieth day (the morrow of seven “weeks”) following the second day of Passover.
And How Is Shavuot Celebrated?
The Torah was given more than 3,300 years ago. Every year on the holiday of Shavuot we renew our acceptance of G‑d’s gift, and G‑d “re-gives” the Torah. Learn how to celebrate this special holiday . . .
Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t the holiday in which we received the many laws of the Torah have some laws of its own?
Question: I had an inspiring Shavuot. I was pleasantly surprised that the reading of the Ten Commandments truly moved me. But now it’s Sunday morning, and that feeling is slowly slipping away. How do I walk away from the holiday with more than the leftove...
שבועות, יום הביכורים, זמן מתן תורתינו, עצרת Shavuot, Yom HaBikkurim, Zeman Matan Torateinu, Atzeret. QUESTION: Why is the festival called “Shavuot?” ANSWER: 1) “Shavuot” means “weeks”: From the time the Jews left Egypt they waited for seven weeks until th...
Is the Yom Tov Sheini an anachronism?
Question: I understand that in ancient times the rabbis decreed that Jews in the Diaspora should celebrate holidays for two days, because of some confusion about the correct day to celebrate. Nowadays, however, we have a fixed calendar, so why do we still...
The Talmud explains that as a very general rule, Hallel is recited on days that are called a mo’ed (holiday) in the Torah . . .
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