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Hebrew vowel signs

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Why is that? Is it just to make it super-hard to become a Jewish adult?
Now that you know all the letters and their mystic meanings, you need to learn how to breathe life into them. You see, letters are just bodies. You provide the soul. A.k.a. "Nekudot".
The Hebrew Letters
Learn about the Hebrew alphabet and its rich history.
The Great “Shabbos” vs. “Shabbat” Debate
My Sepharadi friends celebrate Shabbat, and my Ashkenazi friends call it Shabbos. The Sepharadim call a groom a chatan, and the Ashkenazim refer to him as a chosson. To bolster their claim, the Sepharadim evoke modern Hebrew pronunciation, which follows t...
The Vowels of the Hebrew Alphabet
This series explains the mystical meanings of the Hebrew alphabet’s vowel signs including the significance of their names, their phonetic sounds, and their graphic design.
For six months, Joab, King David’s fierce general, warred against and killed all the males of the evil nation of Amalek.  Bava Basra 21a,b; I Kings 11:15-16. When he finally returned, he told the king of his great victory and how he had slain al...
The Hebrew Vowel Signs
Why is the first vowel of the Torah a sh'va? Learn the inner meaning of its name, phonetic sound, and graphic design.
The Hebrew Vowel Signs
The Hebrew Vowel Signs
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