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R. Isaac Luria, The Ari

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R. Isaac Luria, The Ari: Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-1572), also known by the acronym “Ari” or “Arizal.” Born in Jerusalem, died in Safed. One of the greatest kabbalists of all times, he founded a new school in Kabbalah – the so-called “Lurianic Kabbalah” – which is the basis of almost all mystical works that followed him. He studied with Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, whom he succeeded as the leading mystic of Safed.
The Arizal (5294-5332; 1534-1572)
Rabbi Isaac Luria has become famous as the "Ari," the holy lion; Ari represents the initials of “Ashkenazi Rabbi Isaac” As his name indicates, his family originally lived in Germany, whence they had wandered to Jerusalem. There the man was born who was to...
The universe began with an explosion and we are putting back together the fragments.
The very core of reality is G-d’s shattered dream, waiting for us to pick up the pieces.
In 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain. Some went West to discover the Americas, yet the bulk went East to Turkey, and it was in the beginning of the sixteenth century that a number of Jews settled in the Holy Land in the city of Safed. For an eighty ...
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