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Sin Offering

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Laws of the Sin-offering
Leviticus 6:1 "This is the law of the sin-offering" We are commanded to follow the procedures and rules detailed in the Torah for presenting a sin offering.
The Priests' Eating Portions of an Animal Offering
Exodus 29:33 "And they shall eat those things [the sacrifices] with which atonement was made" When a sin offering or guilt offering is brought, it is a Mitzvah for the priest to eat from those portions that were not offered on the altar. The eating of the...
A non-Priest may not eat meat of certain sacrifices
Exodus 29:33 "But a stranger shall not eat of them because they are holy" Portions of some sacrifices may only be eaten by the priest. These sacrifices are the sin-offering, the guilt-offering, and the communal peace-offering. A non-priest, called "a stra...
We are forbidden to eat the meat of a sin-or guilt-offering outside the Sanctuary
Deuteronomy 12:17 "You may not eat within your gates...the first-born of your herds or flocks" Sometimes, portions of the sacrifices are eaten by the priests and others, by the person who brings them. The sin-offerings and guilt-offerings must be eaten in...
The Priest is forbidden to eat from those sacrifices which are brought on the inner altar
Leviticus 6:23 "And any sin offering whose blood is brought into the Tent of Meeting, to make atonement in the holy place, shall not be eaten; it shall be burnt with fire" The Torah describes the service of each of the sacrifices, in detail. Different typ...
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