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Sefirat HaOmer period

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The key steps to real personal growth
Real growth is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Pesach, the Omer counting and Shavuot delineate the key steps to real personal growth.
Reconciling the Omer’s three different narratives
This class provides a fresh and profoundly new understanding of the mitzvah of Sefirat Ha’Omer or “Counting the Omer”, which is found in Parshat Emor. You’ll discover how the three, and seemingly very different narratives attached to this observance and t...
The Kabbala of Self-Refinement
This seven-part series follows the seven-week period of the Omer explaining how each week corresponds to another facet of our personalities.
While it took exactly seven weeks to transform a downtrodden nation of slaves to a G‑d-fearing nation, Iraq and Afghanistan are struggling mightily with nation building. What did G‑d know that Presidents Bush and Obama, and Prime Ministers Blair and Brown...
Preparing for Shavuot
"Why did he hit her over such a trivial thing as Kapla?" I thought to myself. "How do I teach him not to get angry, and to show his frustration in a different manner?"
Judaism recognizes that we all have the power to change. But it doesn't happen on its own. It doesn't happen simply because we grow older...
Men, women and children showed up at Mount Sinai, where they would receive the Torah. Only seven weeks earlier, the very same people stood steeped in the mental, physical, and spiritual disease of slavery in Egypt...
Emotion is your psyche's fire. And, like fire, we need to treat it carefully. Like fire, emotions have great function; but, like fire, we can't let them get out of hand.
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