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Soul, The

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Every night at exactly 12:00, my grandfather would become very excited. He would wake me, saying, "Shtei uf, Chavale! Wake up, Chavale...!"
A Letter from the Trenches
I will never understand, Father. Why can't the world be simple? Why do we need to fight for our souls? Why can't the good side get along with the... other side?
Artist’s Statement: To all the youth out there: You hold the most incredible fire that's burning strong. Don't put it out; just channel it, burning for G-dliness, fight for truth. One flame, to G-d we are all different, yet He loves us all the same.
Artist’s Statement: The number 3 represents something which is eternal. The candle wax symbolizes wisdom, the wick – action, the flame – love. Our souls ascend through wisdom and love being translated into acts of loving-kindness until the “cup runneth ov...
By Rivka Cyprys
Artist’s Statement: Letting our soul shine through, bringing the light within us out. Look beyond that physical disguise, and see the life. Look within, see beyond. Let G‑d shine through.
Angels wait thousands of years to do what you can do any moment.
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