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Soul, The

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A soul is Divine energy, a little piece of G-d within you. Your inner identity, your raison d'être
Dear Rabbi, Ever since the death of my brother seven years ago, I have been grappling with the concept of the soul. I wish I could believe in it. I am the type that needs rational arguments to convince me, and it seems the soul is too abstract for my mind...
I always thought Mazel Tov meant “congratulations.” I recently heard that it actually means “good luck.” But I thought Jews don’t believe in luck . . . ?
Question: I've had a rather difficult life and it seems to have just gotten harder and harder, more and more miserable... I do count my few blessings and pray to G‑d as well. I have always worked on having complete trust in Him. But at some point, it give...
I have always felt that the essence of spirituality is that, underneath it all, we are all one. Isn't it absurd to characterize a soul as "Jewish"? Why put souls in boxes?
Question: My question has to do with the concept of the Jewish soul. I am Jewish but was raised as a devout, strict atheist. We were told by my father, a college professor, "We are Jews. We are G‑d's chosen people. There is no G‑d." Four children. Three s...
Who would you help? What punishments would you mete out? How would you handle this awesome responsibility?
Question: How can a person who has been overloaded and disillusioned by earthly experience, and who feels "separated" from his/her native truth, return to it? They say that all great artists produce their work somewhat unconsciously. I believe that this h...
Do you have a body? Did you say yes? So now tell me: Who is this "me" that has this body?
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