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Soul, The

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Practical consequences of what it means to be human
We are not our bodies, nor even our brains. We are our souls. Drawing on years of experience working with families, the elderly and the mentally impaired, as well as his knowledge of Jewish mystical teachings, Rabbi Lipskar argues that we must stop thinki...
with Chaya Teldon
The topic of the soul is a true mystery, as it relates to things of the spirit which cannot be felt in a tangible way. Yet it is very much a reality in our belief system.
with DovBer Pinson
What does Judaism say about the soul and where it comes from? Why do we have a soul and what is it meant to accomplish. Rabbi DovBer Pinson helps us better understand this esoteric topic.
Access your deepest soul powers and enhance your relationships.
Accounts of souls returning to Earth to assist others and complete their mission.
Every Jew possesses a divine soul, which is called a Neshamah. How do we access the soul within us? This lecture presents a closer look into the inner workings of the soul based on the teachings of Kabbala as elucidated in chassidus.
An introduction to the Kabbalistic concept of five levels of the soul.
As the soul fills the body, G-d fills the world (Tanya Ch. 51)
You may have wondered, if G-d is everywhere, what does it mean to be distant or close to G-d? Here’s a clue: when you hurt your toe, where does it hurt, in your toe or in your mind?
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