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Speaking to Children about Divorce

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My husband and I are divorcing. We have three young children and despite my own pain, I'm most concerned with how my children will respond to this upheaval. How do we break the news to the kids, and what should we tell them?
Preparing Children For A Divorce
These messages are what your children will depend on when they are feeling frightened, sad or insecure, as you and your children encounter and overcome the challenges of life after divorce...
Solomonic Wisdom... The Decision... Remove Ego... Beyond Rights... The Primary Concern... Impact on Children... Joint Custody... Jewish Perspective... Crucial Matter... General Rule... Psychological Considerations... Different Circumstances... The Child's...
Life After Divorce
I always tell people, I made two very smart decisions in my life: 1) to get married, and 2) to get divorced . . .
I am a teacher and just received this note from one of my students. “My parents have recently gotten divorced. I'm afraid of my parents remarrying. I'm afraid of having to accept another person into my life, and into my parents' lives..."
A Stepchild Learns to Stepparent
There was jealousy. There was anger. There was even resentment and pain. But there was also love and support and encouragement and advice, not from two parents, but from four.
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