Acharon shel Pesach

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Acharon shel Pesach: the final day of Passover
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Final Freedom
Our liberation was not yet complete. Not until the Sea of Reeds parted for us—and then crashed down to utterly destroy our Egyptian pursuers. Only then did we feel our chains fall away forever.
What Do We Celebrate on the Second Days of Passover?
The first two nights of Passover are all about the exodus from Egypt. One week later, we celebrate again . . .
The eighth day of Passover
Moshiach’s Meal
On the final day of Passover (Acharon Shel Pesach), there is a custom to partake of a festive celebration known as Moshiach’s Seudah (the meal of Moshiach). What is the source and meaning of this custom, and what is its connection to the final redemption ...
Many communities, chassidic ones in particular, have the custom to refrain from eating “gebrokts”—matzah that came in contact with water after it was fully baked—on the first seven days of Passover . . .
Last Days of Passover
Memory is a victory over time; but to truly free ourselves of time's tyranny requires the ability to not only relive the past, but also remember the future
If chametz is so intolerable, why do we eat it all year round? And what is the significance of the unexpected appearance of “wet matzah” on the eighth day of Passover?
How the Passover time machine allows us to experience the past—and the future
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