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A friend recently hosted a young couple in her home. From the moment they arrived, the requests didn't stop...
With my daughter's help the task usually takes twice as long. So why do I let her stand so proudly at my side as "my helper"?
I know that for my daughter’s own benefit, I must follow the rules of the game. But with each roll of the dice, with each turn that she takes, I am inwardly holding my breath, secretly longing for her victory . . .
There is only one thing like the love of a mother for her child . . .
Something Spiritual on Parshat Devarim
Even if we exhibit the opposite of love to G-d, He still loves us like a father.
A Pesach Thought
To teach someone how to act G-dly, you must help them understand that they are G-dly.
When G-d commanded Moses to count the Jews, the “greatest” among them counted as one, and the “simplest” among them counted as one. Every Jew is an equal son or daughter of G-d Himself, and is beloved to Him much more than an only child is loved by a fath...
The Baal Shem Tov teaches that every single Jew is cherished by G-d. This is even more so during exile, when the Jewish people is “afflicted.” When one reaches out to a Jew who is distant and reveals that he, too, is an “only child” of G-d, then G-d’s kin...
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