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Stock Market

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Were the traders foolish to fall for it? Or was the sell-off a reasonable response to a roller coaster economy?
It becomes apparent that the demise of the world economy has finally come to pass. Hundreds of thousands would be laid off, as huge corporations would be forced to declare bankruptcy... Until five minutes later...
In what was one of the craziest ten minutes in stock exchange history, the Dow dropped nearly one thousand points yesterday. Now, the Monday morning quarterbacks enter the fray—as do the couch rabbis...
Never buy before it bottoms out and never sell before the zenith, and you'll make a bundle. When someone does "get out just before the crash" he writes books and goes on Oprah, only to stumble at the next market correction.
By the Grace of G-d 5726 [1966] Brooklyn, N.Y. Greeting and Blessing: Regarding your question about investing in stocks, generally I am not in favor of it, since this is largely a matter of speculation. Indeed, a prominent businessman once said to me that...
Are you allowed to invest in a company that works on Shabbat? What about a bank that lends with interest?
The global markets are taking us on a roller coaster ride again, but it's far from being fun. Seas of red, then green, then red again. The Dow plummeting, soaring and crashing again. Investors in Chinese stocks and bonds are on a bungee jump, with no tell...
In 1962, the Rebbe’s warning to Meyer Zajac to stay away from stock market investing saved him from enormous losses. A decade later, after buying $100,000 worth of shares as a favor to a friend, his portfolio fell by 95% to $5,000! Meyer flew to New York ...
Should you follow the herd and do what is popular, or buck the trend and do what is right for you?
Eduardo Elsztain, Buenos Aires
I am not so happy about investing in the stock market, because it does not allow for peace of mind. Transfer your money — in a way that won’t incur losses — into a safer investment.
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