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Shevii shel Pesach

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Final Freedom
Our liberation was not yet complete. Not until the Sea of Reeds parted for us—and then crashed down to utterly destroy our Egyptian pursuers. Only then did we feel our chains fall away forever.
Consider "Jim." He is pounding the pavement looking for a job. Work is his deepest desire, so that's what drives him now. Or is it?
It is customary to remain awake on the eve of the Seventh of Passover (i.e., tonight) and spend the entire night in Torah study and joyous celebration of the great miracle of the splitting of the sea.
Not Merely History The Seventh Day of Pesach commemorates the Splitting of the Red Sea, the climax of the Exodus from Egypt. Until “Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore,”Mechilta on Shmos 14:30; Likkutei Sichos, Vol. II, p. 270. they re­mained in...
The folly of charging into a miracle and other forms of anxiety, worry and delusion
Pharaoh, you see, was actually quite intellectually capable; it was just that he was "Monotheistically Challenged"
Chassidic teaching explains that there are two stages in the quest for freedom. That's why we have Bo and Beshalach. That's why we have the first and latter days of Passover. That's why we have the Exodus from Egypt and the Splitting of the Sea
The Final Days of Passover
A deeper look at the significance of the crossing of the Red Sea following the Exodus and the crossing of the ‘River’ with the arrival of Moshiach, prophesied by Isaiah.
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