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Body, The Human

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You think I'm a dumb hamburger with eyeballs. You think I'm filled with self-serving, egoistic, narcissistic stuffings, a real me-bag. But I know a truth that you don't...
Bringing Passover into the Rest of the Year
In modern-day society, it is not always easy to be a woman. We are surrounded by billboards, magazines and actors that form not only our definition, but the world’s definition, of what is beautiful. Blame it on consumerism, but there’s always some product...
Do health and fitness have a place in Judaism? It seems that the secular world encourages a healthy life far more than the Jewish world does. I hear rabbis talk about spiritual matters, but find it hard to listen to them if they themselves are overweight....
Sefirat HaOmer, Part VI
Contemporary culture is hooked on sexuality, but knows almost nothing of intimacy. The former has to do with the body, the act alone. The latter is personal, and also spiritual. Of course it’s physical and passionate too, but the passion and pleasure are ...
The Body-Soul Chronicles, Part II
"Listen soul, how 'bout you just sleep this one out while I..."
This guy is acting as if I am a separate creation. As if I have nothing to take personally. He is effacing my gender. The lack of embarrassment is startling...
My body is "me," so why should anyone else care? Why should the Torah care? Why should the Torah give rules for how I treat my own body?
“In the human being,” explained Rabbi Schneur Zalman, “there are ‘rich’ organs, such as the mind and heart, and ‘poor’ organs, like the stomach. I refuse to remain in a city where they torture the poor!”
Exploring the purpose of the three most vital ingredients of the human being and how we differ from other creations of our world
The king loved the old harp player's melodies, but it was annoying when the old man interrupted his songs frequently to tune his rickety instrument...
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