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Second Day of Yom Tov

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Second Day of Yom Tov: The additional day appended to biblical holidays and festivals in the diaspora. See Why are holidays celebrated an extra day in the Diaspora?
Is the Yom Tov Sheini an anachronism?
Question: I understand that in ancient times the rabbis decreed that Jews in the Diaspora should celebrate holidays for two days, because of some confusion about the correct day to celebrate. Nowadays, however, we have a fixed calendar, so why do we still...
According to Biblical command, Passover is to be observed for 7 days, beginning on Nissan 15, with the first and seventh days being observed as yom tov, when work is not performed. Since ancient times, rabbinic tradition mandates that the holidays be cele...
I’m wondering if it’s permitted to begin defrosting on the afternoon of the first day of Yom Tov something that we will eat that night?
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