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Kelipah: (lit. “shell”) the outer covering which conceals the G-dly light within all creation; hence, the unholy side of the universe
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Rabbi Gordon clarifies the definition of two common kabbalistic expressions for evil.
Monosim: Is there anything apart from G-d. Do we exist? How can we actualize monism?
If every bite we take is really another chance to uplift Divine sparks, then why restrict our diet? The laws of Kashrut seem counterproductive and unnecessary in light of the above. In this week's course, we delve into the spiritual realm, uncovering the ...
Judaism’s Food Obsession, Part 4
This concluding class of the series sets out to further the fascinating thesis developed over the previous lectures. Here you'll find a compelling and inspiring explanation as to why and how matter from a perfectly kosher animal are in fact absolutely un-...
The Paradox of Kelipah
As discussed in the previous class, Mitzvos Lo Saaseh are instrumental in excluding forces of the “other side” from attaining nurture from the Makiffim of Kedushah. Ishmael, however, seems to take on a life far beyond that which would be expected. What is...
A Journey Through Tanya, Lesson 3
In this lesson we continue to clarify the difference between the faculties and garments of the soul. Then, we discuss the essential definition of good and bad in Tanya, and the classifications of holiness and “kelipah” that exist in the world. (covering c...
One Minute Meditation
The world is a garden, we just need to crack open the husks.
Fat, blood, and cheeseburgers! In this week's installment, we chew on some tough questions: Why are some parts of an animal spiritually uplift-able and others, not? What happens if we eat non-Kosher? And most importantly - why should we care? All this and...
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