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Kelipah: (lit. “shell”) the outer covering which conceals the G-dly light within all creation; hence, the unholy side of the universe
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To release the holy spark, the encumbering shell of evil must be removed
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Coconuts are delicious. But if you don’t know how to crack them, you could be real hungry in a coconut grove.
Rabbi Gordon clarifies the definition of two common kabbalistic expressions for evil.
Question: I'm bothered by the prayer that calls for the destruction of our enemies. What if I don't want my enemies to be "uprooted, smashed, destroyed, lowered and subjugated"? Maybe I wish for them understanding and wisdom to realize that they're doing ...
A simple answer to an old question.
You're right, it shouldn't work that way. The world was not designed this way. The plain truth is: They've hacked the system
Judgment may be frightening for the ego, but it's very reassuring for the self: it tells me that G-d cares about my choices and that I make a difference in this world
A mystical interpretation of the law of the "beautiful captive"
It is an axiom of Jewish faith that G-d does not perform a miracle in vain. So why this 40-year transformation of the natural order, when G-d could have simply led our ancestors directly into the Promised Land?
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