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Upon more reflection, I realized that while most definitely we should live with the awareness that we may not have another opportunity to do in the future what we can do today, simultaneously, I don’t want to live my life as if it is going to end. I want ...
Doctors discovered that Houben had an almost normal level of brain activity. He was suffering from a form of "locked-in syndrome," in which people are unable to speak or move but can think and reason.
Our site receives hundreds of letters each week. Among the questions we received recently, one stood out: "I became pregnant a few weeks ago… I already have several small children, and I cannot care for another baby… Can I pray to G‑d to terminate the pre...
Part I: Radical Islam’s Goal of World Domination
As I watched this gripping video, my recurring thought was how a positive ideal could become absolutely evil if distorted from its proper context or taken to too extreme a measure.
Enjoy reading these 25 preciously wise principles on how to lead a happier life. And then start to follow them!
No matter what side of the organ donor argument you are on, when you read Zach Dunlap's story you will probably take a step back—to contemplate
The exchange between Israel and the Hezbollah was so painful and disturbing that, in my eternal search for optimism, I tried to find some light and hope...
Artist’s Statement: This is a painting of chai in red on a blue background.
Does experience negate change? Is it possible for a person with experience in a particular field to implement real change?
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