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Four-week course on the Jewish idea of an afterlife begins on Tuesday, Nov. 3
We spend our entire lifetimes, well, living life. But how much attention do we pay to what happens after that—when we die? For many, the topic of death is taboo or avoided until it can no longer be ignored. But like many things, avoidance and ignorance ar...
Rabbi Avraham Plotkin talks about ‘Seven Conversations With Jerry’
Death is something everyone encounters sooner or later, though none of us wants to face it. The loss of a loved one invariably invites us to ask life’s most important questions—questions that beg answers: What happens to the soul after the death of the bo...
A day after the tragic death of their nine-year-old son Levi, Rabbi Zalman and Chanie Wolowik stressed that community members should turn a previously-scheduled dinner into a joyous celebration of life and unity.
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