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Her EEG was totally flat, indicating zero brain activity. A pacemaker made her heart beat artificially and a respirator made her lungs breathe artificially...
Absentmindedly, I tore a leaf off a passing tree. Holding it a while in my hands, I continued my thoughtful pacing, occasionally tearing small pieces of leaf and casting them to the winds.
The year was 1945, just after the war. The place: a refugee camp somewhere in Germany. Jews just out of concentration camps had gathered in a barracks-turned-Synagogue for the Yom Kippur prayers
It was devastating to watch as the cruelty of the mental illness began to steal his independence and the identity that he had established for himself. What was it that G‑d expected from me as we became engulfed by the darkness that seemed to control our l...
Lessons From Our Baby's Life
I remember crying and saying to my husband, that in a way it was a merit to have met such a holy neshama (soul). We don’t know why G-d does anything. But I am sure that He heard our prayers and tears, and watched with amazement...
The Baal Shem Tov loved light. So his disciples always made sure to have many candles burning whenever they expected their master...
Life After the Loss of a Spouse
How does one reach out to others, to give and to receive, if the very act of waking in the morning causes the pain of realizing one has loved and lost?
An Investment in Eternity
After school, I would journey alone from a world defined by the future to a world that had no future. What would I say to Grandma? How could I tell her that I was making plans for later, for what I would be doing once she was no longer here?
I can recall the day Tova died as if it were yesterday. I was eleven years old, and I had never experienced a loss like that. I was in shock...
The lives of our mothers before us don’t just serve as a reference point, but more specifically, they serve as blueprints. When we live with the values that defined them, we allow them to continue to live through us...
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