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Torah Thoughts on the Meaning of Life
Is it possible to be living but not be alive? What it takes to get in touch with your essential self and activate the point within your soul that gives meaning to life.
The Philosophy of Relationships
Understanding the difference between “living” and “existing” helps us understand why it’s sometimes so hard to like the people you love.
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses how the concept of man being created in the image of G-d places limits on the rights one has over one's body. He compares this concept to modern socio-political theories in which society owns the lives of its constituent populat...
From inner space to outer space
Gain insight into Torah perspectives on life beyond Earth, the ramifications of unimaginable technological advances, and life in the unexplored depths of ourselves, as seen in the works of the great Jewish thinkers from Maimonides to the Lubavitcher Rebbe...
How can we connect to our loved ones, once they’ve passed? What do Jews believe about the afterlife? In this all-new ChabadU course, we take a glimpse behind the veil and get to understand Judaism’s take on the age-old question: What happens when we die? ...
Euthanasia in Halacha. An in-depth class on the philosophical background of Judaism's opposition to this practice.
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