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Leaven, Prohibition of

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The Passover Seder Explained, Lesson 1
Passover is the opportunity to break free from the number-one impediment to personal growth and problem solving. Utilize this holiday as an eight-day detox from the shackles of ego. In this lesson you’ll learn the Torah prohibition to consume and/or to ow...
Talmudic Principles on Searching for Chametz
The day preceding Passover we are enjoined to search and remove all chametz from our possession. Join the Talmud’s discussion in analyzing the choice terminology used in the Mishnah in addressing Bedikat Chametz (searching for chometz), which will reveal ...
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This three-part Talmud series will be exploring and analyzing the first chapter of tractate Pesachim, focusing on the mitzvah of searching and disposing of all chametz on the eve of Pesach— leading to the discovery of three fundamental principles related ...
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