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Leaven, Prohibition of

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Amongst the laws of sacrifices the Torah prohibits offering any yeast/leaven or honey on the altar. Exploring the significance and symbolism of this mitzvah on five levels of understanding.
The Passover Seder Explained, Lesson 1
Passover is the opportunity to break free from the number-one impediment to personal growth and problem solving. Utilize this holiday as an eight-day detox from the shackles of ego. In this lesson you’ll learn the Torah prohibition to consume and/or to ow...
Letter #8 in a Kabbalistic Journey
The letters hey and chet are two ways out of any mess-up: Falling down or fixing up. Join Miri in her next step through the mysteries of the alefbet as Rabbi Infinity finds just the right occasion for a great explanation.
Practical Parshah - Bo
In this week’s Torah portion, the Jews leave Egypt and receive the commandment to keep the Passover. What practical preparations are needed to be ready for Pesach?
Discover the history and rationale for the sale of chametz.
Learn the history, legal mechanics, and some novel approaches to the sale
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