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Gaza War (2008-9)

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IDF Responds to Rocket Attacks on Southern Israel
Full coverage of the War in Gaza ("Operation Cast Lead"). Exclusive news reports, blogs and perspectives straight from the front, plus videos, insights and more.
Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
An awakening of public consciousness that took place during the conflict in Gaza in the winter of 2008-9.
"The first soldier killed in Cast Lead," Benny explained, "was named Dvir. His story touched us, and we decided to name our son after him."
What inspires one man to stand up and say the truth to a room full of uncaring politicians? Politicians who voted for a resolution so one-sided that even Judge Goldstone condemned it!
Funny sort of unethical military behavior, that goes to some lengths to empty houses of civilians before storming them...
We try to explain away evil as "misunderstood good." Often times, the only people that "enlightened" minds choose to label as evil are those who have the courage to identify evil for what it really is.
Here I was, rows and rows of soldiers before me, and I found myself in front of one, looking into his eyes, the words from my heart. "Thank you." "For what?" he asks. I hesitate for a moment... "For the uniform you wear, thank you."
More than a week after the cessation of Israel’s military offensive against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, acts of anti-Semitism remain on the rise in Europe, leaving local Jewish communities both determined and fearful.
As the Israeli army slogged through the Gaza Strip in the waning days of its three week offensive against Hamas targets, a delegation sponsored by the pro-Israel group Women in Green traveled to a location just beyond the fighting to strengthen the resolv...
Eight-year-old Sholom Ber Laufer of Ashdod, Israel, was miraculously left with only light injuries when a car hit him during a run to an emergency bomb shelter Friday.
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