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There are times when divorce is necessary in order to continue living a healthy lifestyle, but it is considered a very sad and painful event.
The ‘Get’ and Divorce on Five Levels
The Talmud on Divorce, Lesson 1
This series present a Talmudic perspective on principles related to divorce. In this class we gain an basic overview to the Torah concept of divorce and the chief components needed for a valid ‘Get’ (bill of divorce).
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This four-part Talmud series will present a Talmudic perspective on principles related to divorce, including the rules of agency, intent, and the roles of witnesses—as discussed in the first chapter of tractate Gittin.
What makes a good marriage?
When remains of missing people are never recovered
Law professor and rabbi Michael J. Broyde addresses the legal problem of determining the status of people who went missing in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and whose remains were never recovered. In particular, Broyde examines the Talmudic approach to the qu...
The historically evolving contours of an ongoing halachic problem
In the 19th century the problem of "agunot" was widely dealt with in rabbinic literature, and often surfaced in the popular press. In the 21st century the same problems exist but new technologies and ease of communication are changing things both for bett...
A discussion regarding DNA testing in Rabbinical courts, including identifying someone as deceased, paternity testing, and proof of Jewish identity.
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